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Jeanine Ahern

Jeanine Ahern, AHM
Director of Finance

Jeanine Ahern, AHM Director of Finance
Jeanine Ahern is a graduate of Columbia College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, and a graduate of Central City Business Institute with an Associates degree in Accounting. She furthered her accounting studies under the mentorship of Jeanette Claus during their long-term working relationship at a local property management company in the late 1990s.

Jeanine has been employed as a senior accountant and controller for several local and national corporations. She is a detail-oriented individual who specializes in re-organizing small businesses for maximum efficiency and profitability. Jeanine has been Director of Finance for PMCS for ten years and provides oversight of all office and financial operations. Jeanine’s unpretentious demeanor helps clients feel at ease as they work together to find the most cost-effective and timely solutions to their accounting and Affordable Housing industry specific dilemmas.

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