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Wayne Ortloff

Wayne Ortloff, AHM
Information Technology Manager

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Wayne Ortloff received his Bachelor’s degree from Cedarville College; joined the PMCS team in 1999 and moved into the position of Information Technology Manager for both PMCS and ICAP (Independent CA Professionals, LLC) in 2000. He also has obtained his Assisted Housing Manager (AHM) designation to familiarize himself with the HUD regulations that are an integral part of every computer application/program he oversees for both companies.

Wayne is proficient in VBA and is working toward mastering C# programming languages. He thoroughly embraces and is stimulated by technology changes; and incorporates the latest advances into our internal systems. Wayne continually enhances our proprietary systems to ensure that both entities maximize efficiency and overcome complex industry-specific challenges – setting PMCS and ICAP apart from other industry providers.

DAS, our in-house proprietary software created by Wayne, has evolved with PMCS’ expanding product and service offerings. DAS is sophisticated, integrated, automated, and secure. Its functionality includes detailed project tracking, including procedures and review steps to assure quality control. The program allow us to easily monitor the status of monthly voucher processing for each property, to ensure accurate and timely payments as well as monitor the status of the individual 50059s and TICs we process; and to track a myriad of other compliance tasks we perform.

DAS also facilitates two-way communication and exchange of documents with our clients via email, fax, and web portal. This complex system provides instant user-friendly access to millions of client documents and detailed information through robust filtering capabilities. With the built-in data retention capabilities of DAS, our electronic files become an integral part of the data recovery for any client facing a disaster at their property. The versatility of DAS allows us to manage webinar and private training registrations and much more as well.

Wayne currently manages a team of software engineers as we continue to leverage DAS’s capabilities to assist in providing the highest quality services to our clients.

Wayne is a one-of-a-kind IT Manager. His affability, creativity, intelligence, technical skills and drive- to-succeed make him an indispensable part of our management team!

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