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EIV Income Discrepancy Toolkit

EIV Income Discrepancy Toolkit

As a participant of PMCS’ EIV Income Discrepancy Webinar(s), you are eligible to purchase the PMCS EIV Income Discrepancy Toolkit*. Our EIV webinars provide you with an improved understanding of EIV Discrepancies. Now, save time and be assured you are compliant with EIV resolution requirements in your tenant files. Enhance your ability to resolve EIV Income Discrepancies by using PMCS-created EIV Income Discrepancy forms to make the process flow more smoothly.

This Toolkit includes five (5) documents you won’t want to be without:

  1. Period of Income Quarterly Conversion Schedule
  2. Period of Income Calculation Summary
  3. Discrepancy Resolution Form
  4. Discrepancy Correction Plan
  5. Repayment Agreement

Take this critical step to solidify an effective methodology to document the accurate resolution of EIV Income Discrepancies at your property today!

*Please note: The EIV Income Discrepancy Toolkit is ONLY available for sale to those who have participated in PMCS EIV Discrepancy webinar(s) or live classes. Order today to take advantage of this extra benefit available to our EIV class participants!

Cost: $150.00

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