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PMCS Services & Solutions
Our AHM/COS/TaCCs certified staff includes leading industry trainers and former property managers, all of whom have thorough knowledge of HUD regulations and systems.

Let our experienced consultants become part of your team! Please call us to discuss your needs, and we’ll prepare a customized proposal for you.

Compliance Services

Outsourcing your monthly HUD Multifamily and LIHTC processing to PMCS gives you the expertise of high-quality staff at a fraction of the cost of having your own experts – and our staff is always up to date with industry changes!

PMCS offers HUD Multifamily certification packet creation, compliance review, certification processing and compliance verification services, just to name a few. For LIHTC, we offer TIC creation, compliance review and approval, and electronic storage of required IRS documentation.

Whether you’re a site, management company or contract administrator, we can help. Utilizing PMCS’ compliance expertise provides an extra quality check, gives your staff professional compliance resources, and allows more time for your staff to handle on-site management tasks.

HUD’s Online Secure Systems

HUD’s Secure Systems is an online, paperless framework consisting of many systems such as EIV, TRACS, PASS for REAC reports and APPS for management participation forms.

Using its reports wisely will enable you to track your voucher payments and compliance percentage, provide tools to increase your MOR scores, and monitor the performance of on-site staff. Let us train your staff to navigate this system with ease.

Meeting HUD’s strict EIV policies is often an overwhelming endeavor. We provide EIV training, Policies and Procedures, consulting and other additional EIV services to make your life easier and less stressful!


Interested in assistance with getting on track with HUD compliance issues? PMCS can help! If in addition to training you also need assistance handling current unresolved issues, PMCS has a multitude of consulting options available. We can assist with rent increase and contract renewal requests, tenant file reviews, Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs) and many other compliance issues.

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