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Contract Renewals

PMCS can assist you in renewing your current Section 8 contract or Project Rental Assistance Contract (PRAC). There are several options and terms available, depending on your current contract and structure.

PMCS will complete the HUD Form 9264 Contract Renewal Request, and can apply for a rent/utility allowance adjustment under OCAF or Budget-Based Rent Increase terms.

Tenant File Reviews

Our staff will complete a comprehensive review of your tenant files using our automated Tenant File Review Worksheet. The worksheet was developed from HUD’s Management and Occupancy Review Form 9834, and provides you with a per unit record of file issues in need of correction. We can also work with your site management team to make necessary corrections and address MOR findings, as needed.

Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs)

  • Pre-MOR: PMCS can perform a pre-MOR site visit 1 – 2 months prior to the anticipated MOR, to be sure you and the site are prepared for the review.
  • During the MOR: PMCS can be available by phone, or in person, to act as a liaison with your CA or HUD Staff performing the MOR during their site visit to answer any questions. We will help ensure that all tenant files and required documents are in order for the MOR.
  • MOR Response: PMCS can assist with any necessary MOR follow-up and submit your response to any MOR findings within the required 30 days. We will continue contact with HUD or your Contract Administrator until all findings have been adequately responded to and closed.

General Consulting

PMCS can assist you with many of your industry compliance consulting needs. Questions? Unreconciled items? Suffering from compliance confusion? Why not give us a call and set up an ongoing consulting agreement?

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