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HUD’s Online Secure Systems

HUD’s Online Secure Systems

HUD’s Online Secure Systems

HUD’s Secure Systems is an online, paperless business model consisting of many integrated systems to help you track and control items such as: EIV, tenant certification compliance, voucher payments, and REAC physical inspection reports. We can do the work for you or we can train your staff to navigate and maintain HUD’s Secure Systems with greater ease.

Secure Systems Registration and Consulting


  • Handle your Secure Systems registration and assign Coordinator and User rights, roles and properties
  • Serve as your Secure Systems Coordinator to maintain your system profiles
  • Manage your semi-annual and annual EIV reauthorizations

EIV Registration and Consulting

Need to register your staff for EIV? PMCS can help!

The new EIV requirements change verification procedures and tenant recert interviews. Do you have questions about how to use any of the nine required reports? Not sure how to handle specific tenant situations…or how to reconcile a discrepancy report? If you have an EIV issue and need a solution, call us.

EIV Monthly Reports

PMCS can take the time and hassle out of pulling all the required EIV reports for your site(s) for you! Each month PMCS will download and e-mail with encryption, EIV Reports as specified in your EIV Policies and Procedures. These reports are necessary for site use during tenant interviews, and need to be stored in tenant files and your master EIV file.

EIV Policies & Procedures

Effective January 31, 2010, full implementation of EIV is mandatory. Your MOR will include checks on your required written EIV Policies and Procedures, security regarding EIV and the extent to which you follow HUD requirements. Our EIV Policies and Procedures Template can be used as is, or modified to meet your specific needs. Or, we can consult with you and prepare a fully customized version.

These Policies and Procedures meet all HUD requirements through HUD Notice 2011-21.

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APPS 2530s

PMCS can electronically file your Previous Participation Certification Form HUD-2530 via APPS.


PMCS can transmit your Owner Certified or Audited Financial Statements (AFS) to HUD electronically, through the Financial Assessment Subsystem (FASSUB). We work cooperatively with your accountant and/or auditor.

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