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Rural Development Compliance Processing

Rural Development Compliance Processing

We do MINC!

With our standard compliance Rural Development Compliance Processing processing, PMCS will:

  • Computerize Tenant Certifications
  • Transmit your Tenant Certs electronically to MINC
  • Check/correct to be sure Certs have been accepted by the 10th of the month
  • Provide 90-day Recertification Reminder Notices
  • Verify your monthly Worksheet
  • Request monthly RA payments or schedule electronic payments to Rural Development
  • Resolve any issues with the Centralized Service Center (CSC) in St Louis and/or request information needed for resolution

Outsourcing your monthly processing provides an extra quality check, gives your staff professional compliance resources, and allows more time for your staff to handle their on-site management tasks.

Call us to discuss your site’s needs, and let us prepare a customized proposal.

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