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As a leader with over 26 years in the affordable housing industry, we have trained thousands of individuals including  property managers, managing agents, owners, contract administrators, state agency and HUD personnel, as well as accounting and audit professionals. Training topics include:  HUD and LIHTC regulations, accounting and internal control procedures and good business practices in the affordable housing industry.

Our trainers have real-world experience and will engage you, make you think, and equip you with the knowledge you need to run your property correctly and efficiently. We offer a range of options – choose from personalized, private training or our online webinars. Learn and ask questions in an interactive, thought-provoking format – right from your own desk.

We offer several types of training solutions to fit your needs:

Webinar Training

Webinar Training

Costly offsite training with travel can turn into 3+ days away from the office. Are you looking for a more convenient and cost-effective way to receive training on specific areas of HUD compliance? Try our interactive web-based training! Prior to each class, you will receive easy login instructions and comprehensive full class materials – not just bulleted PowerPoint slides. We do the work for you –  you get your real world questions answered and learn more than ever before!

  • Schedule Your Training

    Do you already know which class you would like to register for? Use the calendar to find when it will be offered, or go right to the Register/Pay for Webinar Training link below.

  • Class Series and Descriptions

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    Whether you are a new manager, have some experience or are a “seasoned” affordable housing professional, we have the perfect series of classes for you! We offer four (4) training series to choose from.

    Complete List of Webinars

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    EIV Series
    “You don’t know what you don’t know”,…this could not be truer than when talking about EIV! HUD’s EIV system is complex and challenging; yet it’s a critical system for HUD property managers to understand and use correctly – to comply with HUD regulations and their own EIV Policies and Procedures.

    Begin with the basics: Learn how EIV gets its information from HUD’s TRACS database, SSA and HHS; when each report is updated; what information is and is not available; how to interpret each report and where to file them – master binder vs. tenant file. Then continue to work your way through the series and case studies that capture the challenges that you see at your property and have no idea how to handle (and be EIV compliant).

    You are not done learning about EIV! It is amazing how much EIV uncovers that reaches beyond the reports and may have the ripple effect of identifying areas of weakness at your site that should be addressed – improving resident interviewing skills, security issues, 3rd party verification forms that may need to be changed, and ultimately – calculations that you will do differently on the tenant cert to save you from dealing with those nasty EIV Discrepancy reports!

    So, whether you are ‘new or seasoned’ in the industry…no matter how competent you rate yourself on EIV, this series is a “must” for everyone at the site or the management office that deals with EIV.

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    Focused Topics
    There’s much more to affordable housing than just eligibility, rent calculations, and EIV. PMCS recognizes other critical operational tasks that managers must oversee to maintain compliance. Whether it’s mandatory changes to existing procedures, implementation of new requirements, or adaptation to a new HUD initiative, the industry’s obligation to react, can influence, and often shift, the training needs of the industry to topics that go beyond the fundamentals. This training series focuses on these “hot topic issues” that affect a broad array of properties. Classes in this category are relevant for all – from new managers through advanced industry veterans.

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Live Classes

Are you looking for in-depth training on specific areas of HUD compliance? Try one of our Live Classes!

Private Training

Private Training

We develop customized training to meet your staff needs. Our training agenda can be delivered live in half-day, full-day or multiple day formats; or via webinar in 1.5 to 2.0 hour time increments. Private webinar training engagements in shorter time increments (with fewer than three people) will fall under our general consulting contract – another great way to get specific questions answered on an as needed basis.

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