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Focused Topics

Focused Topics

There’s much more to affordable housing than just eligibility, rent calculations, and EIV. PMCS recognizes other critical operational tasks that managers must oversee to maintain compliance. Whether it’s mandatory changes to existing procedures, implementation of new requirements, or adaptation to a new HUD initiative, the industry’s obligation to react, can influence, and often shift, the training needs of the industry to topics that go beyond the fundamentals. This training series focuses on these “hot topic issues” that affect a broad array of properties. Classes in this category are relevant for all – from new managers through advanced industry veterans.

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MORs Part I – Understanding the Mechanics of a HUD MOR

This class is perfect for new managers who have never undergone a MOR or seasoned managers that want an overview of how the process has changed since 2012. Because the majority of HUD’s multifamily properties have not undergone a MOR in nearly five years, the May 2016 nationwide reinstatement of PBCA-conducted MORs has many asking: What exactly happens during a review? How is my score determined? How often will these MORs occur?

In Part I of this two-part series, participants will learn about each of the four stages of the MOR, new elements of the HUD Form 9834, the scoring methodology, and HUD’s risk-based approach to scheduling.

Once participants complete Part I, they are encouraged to register for Part II, which focuses on specific leasing and occupancy assessments that must be complete to be compliant and ready.

Think you don’t have time for webinar training on MORs? Can you afford not to? Investment for training now could yield a significant amount of time and monetary savings for you in post-MOR remedies.

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MOR Preparation – Part II – Assess Your Forms and Policies for Compliance

*** Updated to include HUD’s Streamlining Final Rule Regulations ***
Prerequisite Skill Set: An overview of Change 4 regulations and TRACS 202D specifications.

The May 2016 reinstatement of MORs for PBCA-administered contracts has many managers anxious about their leasing and occupancy compliance. This is the second of a two-part webinar series designed to assist compliance staff and managers prepare for a Management and Occupancy Review (MOR). In the world of compliance, it is not enough to just “be aware of the new rules”; you must incorporate new requirements into forms, policies and procedures. This webinar will guide participants through a series of detailed leasing and occupancy assessments to assess their compliance and help them develop a plan to tackle required leasing updates and avoid findings. Participation in this class is a crucial step in achieving a favorable leasing and occupancy rating on your next MOR.

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All training classes are in Eastern Time

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